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One night you look up and there are no stars in the sky. You turn on the TV, and there is a news report: strange activity has been reported in all major cities, people are dying, the stars are gone-- then everything fades to black.

You wake up and nothing is the same. You feel a pang in your body-- something needs to be done. You look around and nothing is familiar. You feel that pang again. Frantically, you try to walk but you feel wobbly. Something needs to be done. You must do it. Without thinking, you fall to the ground and begin to count tiles.

Your character is brought into a tumultuous post-apocalyptic city, where Contractors fight for survival. Strange powers are bestowed upon arrival-- but they come with a terrible price. People are divided into ruthless syndicates, all seeming out to destroy each other.There are rumors of ways out, out of the contract, out of Hell, out of the Gates. But no one has been able to find the truth.

Remnants of Earth past abound, but twisted and wrong. The police is a legion of unhuman beings out to destroy contractors. Public transportation is now a dangerous game. Any recorded history has been erased and replaced by propaganda. All you have is a cell phone which you can use to communicate with what few allies you may have.

You look up with horror. A single shooting star falls across the sky. You hear a far-off dial tone. You must go, quickly...

This place has no name. Only through investigation has it been found that it had once been called Helvete.

Welcome. Your fight for survival starts now.
This is a pan-fandom, Alternate Universe Role-playing Game based on the anime Darker than Black. At this time, we will not be accepting original characters, but this may change in the future. Characters from Darker than Black itself may not be played. Characters basically experience the opening of the Gates in their own world, and then wake up in Helvete.

Read the Rules and FAQ for further information.
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